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ago. Yes, Kik is very dangerous. The only people who use it are pedophiles, sex workers**, and people who interact with pedophiles and sex workers.

Kik used to be very popular and moderated about 10 years ago, but it phased out and isn't up to date with security measures. Getting started with monitoring someone’s Kik messages, you need to first install iKeyMonitor on your phone or whatever device you choose for the Kik spy software.

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This is how to set up the software on your device. Open the iKeyMonitor official website on your chosen device to DOWNLOAD THE APP. Then, select the type of device you want to. Kik the other chat apps to the curb.

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This application has a host of cool features to make your conversations more exciting. The best part is that it’s completely free to use. A better way to connect. Kik is a fresh, speedy way to communicate with friends and exchange photos, videos, and games.